Igneous DataDiscover

Unified, intelligent system of record so your teams always find the right
datasets—and you can optimize it all. Learn how Igneous discovers, classifies and organizes datasets across your enterprise.

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No Data Hoarding, No Proprietary Silos,
No Rip and Replace

Seeing, organizing, and understanding unstructured data shouldn’t require cumbersome migrations to new systems that only increase IT complexity. Igneous DataDiscover continuously scans and classifies all file and object data anywhere it lives.

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So, go ahead: Leave your datasets where they are—we’ll find them.

Understanding Data at Scale Leads to Powerful Optimization Outcomes

Contain Data Sprawl - photo

Contain Data Sprawl

via file duplication analysis across all locations and clouds

Proactively Manage System Utilization - photo

Proactively Manage System Utilization

and capacity for ongoing IT cost optimization

Showback and Chargeback with accuracy - photo

Showback and Chargeback with Accuracy

by identifying storage consumption by user, application, project and business unit

Data Management Questions Answered on Day 1...and 2 and 3 and 4...

1. How much file and object data do we have?

2. Where are all of our datasets located?

3. How old are datasets and how are files changing?

Discover Aged Data Single System - photo

Continuously organize and build understanding of data across your enterprise as datasets are added, protected, moved, and used.

Data Discovery Requires More Than Just Search

Underpinned by the Igneous InfiniteINDEX™, Igneous gives Data Owners and IT a unified and intelligent data catalog for all file and object data using:

  • Metadata annotation and tagging
  • Dataset freshness dating
  • Enterprise-wide, and project specific classification
  • Secure dataset views and search
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