File Analytics as-a-Service

Finally you can see and analyze all your unstructured data—quickly and easily

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Easy to get started, no hardware or system management overhead


Speedy time to knowledge with continuously fresh analytics in near real-time


A global view across multiple locations, multiple NAS systems, petabytes of data, and billions of files

DataDiscover Datasheet 

Before DataDiscover

I don’t know how much active file data we really have.


After DataDiscover

Global view of all your data

Before DataDiscover

I can’t see which projects, directories and files are really consuming our NAS capacity.


After DataDiscover

Explore usage at any directory level or project in real time

Before DataDiscover

I don’t have the information to determine what to archive and why.


After DataDiscover

Surgically take action on all NAS data with facts

Before DataDiscover

I can’t justify spending less  - or more- on primary NAS spend.


After DataDiscover

Active and Cold data facts lead to smart spend decisions

Discover and Index Billions of Files and Objects per Day

How Is DataDiscover so fast?

We combine latency-aware scanning that won't interfere with your NAS application performance with (AdaptiveScan) with high performance indexing with (InfiniteIndex)—to handle billions of files.

Also, we’re not in the datapath, don’t mount the file systems and don’t use agents – all things that can slow down how quickly you get your information.


DataDiscover scans at a rate of 17 billion files per day across any NAS system

Your time to knowledge is hours and your analytics continuously stay fresh

DataDiscover Whitepaper

Understanding Your Data Shouldn’t Require a Long and Expensive Deployment


Ridiculously easy configuration

DataDiscover installs a lightweight VM, imports your NAS systems in seconds, and you’re ready to get started.  The discovery process begins within minutes. No further configuration is needed.


Ridiculously simple to use

The interactive dashboard shows capacity, # of files, and aging of files globally across your entire enterprise.


Ridiculously easy to manage

You’ll never have to update software, debug issues, or manage licenses – unless you really want to.  Igneous remotely monitors and manages all aspects of DataDiscover for you, dramatically reducing administrative overhead for your team.

Optimized for Massive Scale and Depth

✓  DataDiscover gives you a global view across multiple locations and multiple NAS systems including NetApp, Isilon, Pure FlashBlade and Qumulo

✓  Gather the facts at any level of your directories and projects

✓  Continuous discovery and indexing whether you have 10’s of million or 100’s of millions of files
Proactively Manage System Utilization-photo

You get

Without all this

You get without all this

See all your file data where it lives today
Creating new namespaces or moving data into new systems
4 click configuration
Weeks of complex configuration
Time to knowledge in hours
Time to knowledge in weeks
Continuous visibility 
Performance impacts on your NAS systems
Zero administrative overhead
Expensive on-premises hardware and software

How to Get Started

Step 1

Deploy DataDiscover VM and start scanning

Step 2

Explore your Results

Step 3

Take Fact-based Action

Test Drive DataDiscover