Intelligent Data Management with DataDiscover

Real-time indexing, global visibility, and powerful search.


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Make Better Data Decisions through Visibility

Igneous’ DataDiscover is architected specifically for high-performance file data management at the scale of today’s modern enterprise. In just minutes, see a global view across multiple locations, multiple NAS systems, petabytes of data, and billions of files. Group data into collections and share live views with data owners. Search and filter live views using all available metadata dimensions.



DataDiscover indexes all NAS data where it lives in a global catalog. The unmatched speed of AdaptiveSCAN means your index is always up to date.



Group data into views users expect to see. Create and share unlimited custom views. InfiniteINDEX will anchor on any metadata field.



Find data fast anywhere it lives. Easily navigate from global to custom views. Search across all NAS environments to find your ‘needle’ in petabytes of data.


SaaS-Powered Data Management Makes
Getting Started Easy



Not a complex IT project. Deploy a stateless VM in minutes, import any NAS system in seconds, and simply come back for your results.



Our proprietary AdaptiveSCAN technology works at a rate of 400,000 file per second, per task (with 75% fewer IOPs). View global results in minutes.



See all of your NAS data in one view with an InfiniteINDEX that scales to handle trillions of metadata entries.

How it Works

DataDiscover is a searchable view for petabytes of file data.

Quickly see what you have, where it lives, and it’s age in your NAS environment - all in a simple, web-based, interactive dashboard.

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Any NAS. Any Cloud. Any Workflow.

All NFS/SMB NAS-based filesystems are supported including Stornext, GPFS, Lustre, Linux NFS, Gluster, WekaIO, and SoftNAS.

DataDiscover gives us the visibility we need to better manage our primary storage.
Carl Lucas
VP, Information Technology, Quantum Spatial (QSI)

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