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Why Petabyte Scale Customers Choose Igneous

Learn how we help our customers discover, protect, and move unstructured data at petabyte scale.  


A research institute, based in Cambridge, Massachusetts, eliminated 56 Isilon nodes and is expected to save $8.5M over 5 years by using Igneous for backup to GCP archive tiers.


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Quantum Spatial, North America’s largest geospatial services firm chose Igneous to manage their explosive data growth across multiple locations and NAS vendors, backing up their Isilon and Dell EMC Unity to Azure.


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Tippett Studio, the animation and video effects company behind films such as Star Wars and Harry Potter, chose Igneous to replace their failing Commvault, Oracle ZFS, and
a Spectra Logic tape library solution.


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PAIGE, on a journey to transform the diagnoses and treatment of cancer, chose Igneous for data protection and data movement of 8PBs of high resolution tissue scan images used in ML processing workflows.


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A pharmaceutical firm, based in Cambridge, Massachusetts, paired Igneous with Pure Flashblade for high-performance enterprise backup and recovery to improve their computational biology pipeline performance.


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Altius Institute for Biomedical Sciences, a research organization pursuing discovery at the leading edge of modern biomedicine, chose Igneous to back up their petabyte-scale genetic sequencing and analysis data.


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"Igneous has helped us significantly improve our backup strategy and has reduced our dependency on physical hardware. We are now reliably protecting and managing petabytes of data in the Azure cloud that can be easily recovered when needed."

Sharon Kaiser
CIO at New England Biolabs

Sharon Kaiser, CIO at New England Biolabs

"In the past, as the amount of data increased, it would require me to write a bigger check to address the issue. But now, because of Igneous, I don’t have to hire any more people, I don’t have to take on any more risk, and I don’t have to increase my management in any way."

Michael Cockrill
Chief Technology Officer at Altius Institute [view customer story]

Michael Cockrill - Altius Institute

"We needed an enterprise-class solution. We needed it to be easy to manage, scalable across multiple NAS platforms, cloud-friendly, and we needed it to perform."

Carl Lucas
VP of Information Technology, Quantum Spatial [view customer story]

Carl Lucas, Quantum Spatial

"One of the key advantages Igneous has over competitors, and one of the reasons we chose Igneous, is that we really felt Igneous is interested in the domain itself. They’re interested in helping us build PAIGE into a company that will actually help doctors and patients. That deep involvement of Igneous engineers and experts in actually developing our data infrastructure—not only storage but also the management systems—was absolutely key to building a high performance compute infrastructure."

Thomas Fuchs
Chief Scientific Officer at PAIGE [view customer story]


"My interpretation of success is, nobody has escalated anything to me yet. It’s an elegantly, outstandingly simple solution."

Sanjay Das
Partner & Chief Operating Officer at Tippett Studio [view customer story]

Sanjay Das, Partner & Chief Operating Officer at Tippett Studio

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