Backup and Archive
for Massive File Systems

Igneous Hybrid Storage Cloud

On-Premises Secondary Storage With Cloud Agility

Today's enterprises struggle to backup, archive, and find unstructured data spread across a growing disarray of storage technologies. When storage exceeds billions of files, legacy infrastructure breaks down. Backup windows get missed. Costs skyrocket.

Igneous Hybrid Storage Cloud provides a consolidated secondary storage tier for your datacenter with cloud agility, scalability, and economics.

A Modern Approach to Backup and Archive

At Igneous, we turn this:


Into this:


Benefits of Igneous Hybrid Storage Cloud


  • One system for all secondary data
  • Seamless integration with existing Network Attached Storage and public cloud services
  • No backup windows to manage
  • Igneous remote management of secondary storage tier


  • Fast, comprehensive search runs across all tiers
  • File Insights help you identify data to archive
  • End user access to backups and archives


  • Continuous and latency-aware data movement eliminates impact to primary storage
  • Non-disruptive updates deliver new features without interrupting operations
  • On-premises scale-out from 100TB to 100PB and more

Cost Effective

  • No separate backup software licenses for file data
  • Igneous managed - minimizes IT overhead
  • Intelligent tiering to public cloud for long-term storage
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What the analysts say:

"...the premise of a hosted, hyperscale data-centric compute ecosystem with the performance and security of local infrastructure is certainly compelling."

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"...the short term value proposition is certainly finding strong resonance among the early customers of the service."

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