Reduce Storage Costs with Igneous.

Manage unstructured data at scale with better visibility, protection and movement.


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Take a strategic approach to managing unstructured data, built for the speed and scale of your organization.


Make smarter storage decisions with a global view of data. Empower the people who care to take action.


Reduce storage costs and save IT-man hours with automated and cloud-enabled backup and archive.


Increase workflow productivity with data movement that performs at scale - from anywhere to anywhere.

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Why is Managing Unstructured Data Hard?

Difficult to Find

Users spend 30% or more of their time looking for data.
  • “Google-like” search for specific datasets does not exist
  • Cannot index data at petabytes fast enough to be relevant
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Slow to Move

New workflows need data available for analysis in multiple locations.
  • Legacy tools are vendor specific, constrained to NAS migration, and expensive
  • Cannot leverage cloud, multi-NAS workflows are manual
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Costly to Protect

SLAs fail at 500TB, especially when moving data to the cloud.
  • Vendor replication creates data silos, requires datacenter space, and breaks at scale
  • Replication is not optimized for the cloud and cannot move data between vendors
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Any NAS. Any Cloud. Any Workflow.

All NFS/SMB NAS-based filesystems are supported including Stornext, GPFS, Lustre, Linux NFS, Gluster, WekaIO, and SoftNAS.

The True Cost of Backup

A deep dive into the total cost of ownership for tape backup, disk-to-disk replication and cloud backup strategies.

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