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Igneous is built for scale and speed

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Manage your data from anywhere it lives, to anywhere it needs to be.

Igneous unstructured data management is architected for the scale and performance of the modern enterprise environment. Whether on-premises or in the cloud, Igneous solves the unstructured data management problems no one else can. 

Igneous’ modern cloud architecture was designed by a team with over a century of file experience at industry leaders like Isilon, EMC, NetApp, Qumulo, Amazon, Microsoft, and Google.

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Igneous' modern cloud architecture explained:


Key Features



Scan faster than Flash

Any file structure

Uses 75% fewer IOPs than Linux



Scalable index built for billions of entries & fast queries

File system agnostic



Move big & small files at line rate

Highly parallelized, latency aware

API integrated




scan faster than Flash

Igneous AdaptiveSCAN™ was specifically built to scan through massive file systems with speed and efficiency. 

  • Userspace client 
  • No file system ‘mounts’
  • Dynamic threading
  • Dynamic work allocation

AdaptiveSCAN™ works at a rate of 400,000 files per second, per task, with 75% fewer IOPs over traditional Windows or Linux clients.


A Look Behind AdaptiveSCAN: 




at line speed, no matter what

Igneous IntelliMOVE™ is a purpose-built, multithreaded, data movement engine for pipelined operations.

  • Userspace client 
  • No file system ‘mounts’
  • In-line compression 
  • Latency awareness 
  • Highly multi-threaded for specific files (small vs large)

IntelliMOVE™ keeps networks busy for any mix of small and large files.


See how IntelliMOVE works:




at scale of enterprises

Igneous InfiniteINDEX is a trillion record, query efficient, metadata index that decouples compute from data. 

  • Compute and data separation for bounded resource consumption 
  • Supports high metadata insertion rates
  • Supports high query rates 
  • Pre-organized for file queries 

InfiniteINDEX supports trillions of metadata entries, ensuring Igneous services scale today and into the future. 


Learn how InfiniteINDEX scales: 

Deploy with flexibility: 

Igneous is consolidated backup and archive built on a cloud architecture with decoupled services.  Our global control plane with distributed containerized services simplifies deployment and streamlines operations. 

With Igneous, the burden on your organization is minimized to consuming services.  No infrastructure management, no software management, no troubleshooting.


Success Assurance

  • Weekly software updates
  • Proactive monitoring
  • Fast security updates
  • Fast deployment
  • Easy to try
  • Backup assurance
  • Capacity management
  • Customer success
  • White-glove onboarding
  • Customer reporting



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