Intelligent Data Management: Reduce Storage Costs with Igneous and Wasabi



Static datacenter footprints, missed SLA’s and the failure of legacy solutions are all challenges facing organizations today. With the growth of unstructured data projected to keep growing exponentially enterprises are increasingly turning to cloud storage for additional data protection capacity.

Do you have a defined cloud strategy, do you have a view into what challenges you may face or the cost implications around moving to the cloud? What if you could accurately predict your cloud SLAs and operating costs with absolute certainty?

IT teams looking to reduce costs and simplify their cloud strategy need look no further than the pairing of Igneous, the SaaS data management company for file intensive environments and Wasabi, the hot cloud storage company. Igneous enables the movement of unstructured data from any primary NAS system to Wasabi storage at a predictable and cost-effective price point. Wasabi provides an affordable cloud storage pricing model with no egress fees or API requests, unlike other cloud storage providers.

This webinar will outline how Igneous’ highly parallelized system architecture and Wasabi’s high-performance, one-size-fits-all object storage services can provide the highest performing and predictable solution for replacing on-premises NAS backup with Igneous and Wasabi.


Andy Ferris, Senior Product Manager at Igneous


Caroline Thomas, Senior Product Marketing Manager at Igneous

Originally Recorded

Thursday, May 21st, 2020