Maintaining your datacenter and business continuity with AWS and Igneous



IT teams work hard behind the scenes to maintain business continuity during unprecedented challenges. With supply chains across enterprise verticals disrupted, remote work requirements being strictly enforced, and access to onsite resources limited - businesses need to consider comprehensive changes in the way they handle data, including how to cost-effectively utilize the cloud.

In order to reduce total costs while enabling remote IT teams, modern enterprises should consider a software-powered strategy for data management during these critical periods.

Igneous makes it easy to backup and archive NAS data to AWS Glacier Deep Archive, S3, IA or Glacier.  Our solution can be deployed remotely in minutes via a VM, with no on-hands requirements and no datacenter visits.

Igneous and AWS can help you eliminate the operational complexity of managing and protecting unstructured data at scale.  Learn how in this joint webinar presentation with AWS.

Steve Leeper, Solutions Architect at Igneous
Taze Miller, Partner Solutions Architect at Amazon Web Services

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