How a File Archive Strategy Can Save You Millions in IT Spend

Unstructured data within organizations is growing at an unprecedented rate, do you have a plan for the future?  Can you continue to spend your way out of this problem with more legacy infrastructure?

Machine-generated data, high resolution imagery and video, internet of things sensors and the data required to feed AI and machine learning algorithms is requiring a massive increase in NAS capacity for organizations around the world, both large and small.  

With the explosion of data, IT admins are struggling to manage the growth and identify what is being used and not used. They're spending their way out of a problem, without the tools to manage this unrestrained data growth or a strategy to best utilize their current infrastructure.  It is estimated that 40-60% of data on primary storage is no longer in use, but identifying that cold data and moving it to a lower cost storage tier has been impossible.

This webinar will outline the value of implementing a modern archive strategy that can save your organization millions in wasted IT spend, reduce your on-prem footprint, and provide a playbook on how to utilize your current infrastructure to deliver real savings to your organization.  

Andy Ferris, Senior Product Manager at Igneous

Caroline Thomas, Senior Product Marketing Manager at Igneous