Enterprise Backup to Cloud

Six Key Strategies for Cost-Effective Implementation


Rob Stevenson, Solution Architect at Igneous
Brian Woznik, Sr. Solution Architect at Igneous


Caroline Thomas, Sr. Product Marketing Manager at Igneous


Machine generated data, high resolution imagery and video, internet of things sensors and data required to feed AI and machine learning algorithms is requiring a massive increase in storage capacity for unstructured data. IT budgets are shrinking, data centers are filling up, and rapidly changing business environments require more operational flexibility than ever before. 

Most IT organizations now manage more than 1 billion files and many petabytes of file data. All this data poses new challenges, including how to affordably back it all up.  Do you have a plan for the future?  Can you continue to spend your way out of this problem with more legacy infrastructure? Have you considered backing up data to the cloud now that all three major cloud providers have options that are significantly cheaper than most-on prem solutions?

In this webinar we'll be diving into our new eBook, "Enterprise Backup To Cloud: A Playbook for Cost-Effective Implementation" looking at key factors driving adoption of enterprise backup to cloud and outlining six best practices to minimize costs and optimize performance.