Cooking with Igneous

Join us for an afternoon of food and fun!  

We all have enough stress in the world, cooking while efficiently managing petabytes of data should not be another!

If you are spending summer closer to home this year and need some fun, creative ideas for a quick and easy snack, we are here to help.

During this virtual event, our celebrity chef Jaymee Sire will teach you how to build a watermelon appetizer along with watermelon jell-o shots that will make you look good at any summer meal.

Jaymee is a Food and Travel Blogger, TV Host & Former ESPN Anchor.  Jaymee  joined Food Network in 2017, where she was the floor reporter on Iron Chef Showdown. Other Food Network appearances combined with roles at the James Beard Awards and New York City Wine & Food Festival to firmly entrench her in the food world.  Jaymee also has a food blog, e is for eat - eating my way through the alphabet, where your mouth will water just reviewing the photos of her incredible food.