Data Ecosystems that Accelerate Scientific Research


This webinar presents case studies on technologies, methodologies, and collaborations used to aggregate and harmonize data across an ecosystem to solve complex scientific problems and allow breakthrough discoveries to happen. Speakers will show novel approaches of key drivers and innovations implemented to address issues at the intersection of science and technology. Specific themes that will be covered include data protection and visibility, building data commons and data hygiene, and artificial intelligence and machine learning for life sciences and antibiotic discovery. Each speaker will give a presentation and at the end of the webinar there will be a moderated Q&A discussion.


Allison Proffitt, Editorial Director at Bio-IT World

  • Adam Marko, Scientific Solutions Lead, Engineering at Igneous
  • Adam Kraut, Director of Marketing at BioTeam, Inc.
  • Fernanda Foertter, Senior Scientific Consultant for AI+HPC at BioTeam, Inc.
  • Jonathan Stokes, PhD, Banting Fellow, Laboratory of James Collins at Broad Institute of MIT and Harvard