See a global view of NAS data. Create and share live collections of data with the people who care.


Democratize Data Management

Igneous is the fastest and easiest way to analyze petabytes of file data across multiple locations and NAS systems. In just minutes you can create live views of data, search for what’s important, and share your data with anyone.


See Your Data

Index petabytes of file data anywhere it lives and then view it through a single, global dashboard.


Create Live Views

Organize data into views based on search criteria or metadata. Create unlimited views to support any organization.


Share Your Data

Securely share dynamic live views of data with specific end-users, executives, or other data owners.


Take Action with Better Visibility


Find Data

Empower end users to quickly find data, no matter where it lives. Identify sensitive PII data for GDPR or CCPA compliance.



Create live views of data based on groups or projects and then take action with true chargeback, showback accounting.



You can’t take action if you don’t know what you have. Reduce costs by identifying data for archive, tiering, or bursting to the cloud.


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Real-time indexing, global visibility, and powerful search

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Protect petabytes of data and billions of files

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Modern workflows shouldn’t have to wait for data

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Igneous works across your storage infrastructure with native APIs


Customer Spotlight

Watch the video to learn how Igneous helped 3 different customers understand their data usage, growth, and the potential cost savings of archiving data to the cloud.

Igneous serves as the intelligent system of record for all of the machine generated pathology datasets we are analyzing within our clinical-grade AI pipeline. And because Igneous supports all NAS and object interfaces, and any public cloud, we have unparalleled choice and agility in our system architecture as we evolve.
Ran Godrich
Ran Godrich
Research Engineer,

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