Protect file data onsite or to the cloud.


Reduce IT Man-Hours by Up To 90%

Whether you want to protect file data on-premises or to the cloud, Igneous is the fastest way to backup petabytes of data and billions of files.


Meet Aggressive SLAs

Large, problematic shares are the new normal. Use AdaptiveSCAN and InfiniteINDEX to find data and identify changes, and IntelliMOVE to keep networks busy. Hit your NAS backup SLAs across all systems.


Anywhere File Data Lives

Igneous protects file data living on any NAS device and any cloud tier. No matter the capacity or file density, our API integrations and simplified policies make data protection fast and easy.


Efficiently Utilize Cloud Tiers

Protect petabytes of data to any cloud tier in AWS, GCP or Azure. Benefit from the economics of Glacier and Azure Archive Blob for archive and backup data.


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Real-time indexing, global visibility, and powerful search

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Protect petabytes of data and billions of files

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Modern workflows shouldn’t have to wait for data

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Igneous works across your storage infrastructure with native APIs


How Tippett Studio Manages Visual Effect Data With Igneous

Today’s stunningly realistic animations and visual effects generate massive amounts of image and rendering data, putting a strain on Tippett’s legacy data protection solutions. Their team turned to Igneous for its ability to manage unstructured data at scale, enabling IT to lower costs while meeting the needs of both internal production teams and external clients.

It’s an elegantly, outstandingly simple solution. I get to sleep easier at night knowing our backup and data requirement needs are being met, and knowing Igneous’ ability to scale will meet our expanding requirements in the future.
Sanjay Das
Partner & COO, Tippett Studio

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