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Data visibility, data protection and data mobility wherever datasets
and workflows live—in a single, API-enabled solution

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Our Promise:The right data, in the right place, at the right time

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Anywhere Your Data Lives...and Needs to Live

Our API-enabled architecture support for any file and object interface, including NAS systems such as Dell EMC Isilon, NetApp, Pure FlashBlade, and Qumulo, as well as any storage tier on public cloud vendors like Amazon Web Service, Google Cloud Platform, and Microsoft Azure.

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At Scale...Machine-Generated Data Scale

Igneous’ parallel architecture scales on the fly and intelligently keeps data flowing at line speed without drag on your apps and system. Find, classify, protect, and move billions of large and small files, objects and exabytes of data across your enterprise in a single, latency-aware solution.

UDM For Everyone: IT, Data Stewards, Data Owners, and Collaborators

We help all data stakeholders meet their objectives. Protecting data, optimizing storage systems, finding datasets, and automating data workflows in a single subscription service. 

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Why Data-Centric Organizations Trust Igneous

"Enabling 50,000 scientists from around the world to access the latest research via the Allen Brain Atlas Data Portal requires massive amounts of electron microscopy data analyzed and managed throughout its lifecycle. Igneous is the cornerstone of our ability to organize, move and protect these data assets."

Kris Winkler

Director of IT, Allen Institute

"At Paige.ai we are using artificial intelligence to revolutionize the clinical diagnosis and treatment of cancer. Igenous was able to provide intelligent data management that enables us to analyze an immense volume of unstructured pathology data. We rely on Igneous' expertise in  unstructured data management to help us succeed with our mission."

Dr. Brandon Rothrock

Senior AI Scientist, PAIGE

“We trust Igneous to index, protect and move the datasets used across our enterprise EDA workflow”

Fortune 500 semiconductor manufacturer

See Igneous in Action

There’s no better way to see how Igneous can help you get the right data to the right place at the right time than by seeing the product in action. Learn how organizations like yours use Igneous to discover, protect, and move datasets at scale.

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