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The True Cost of Backup

A deep dive on petabyte-scale data protection strategies and costs in 2020

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The True Cost of Tape

On the surface, tape backup sounds like a great solution for enterprise data protection.

Tape backup vendors promise that an upfront investment in hardware will allow the enterprise to leverage low cost tape media for data protection, with assurances of high reliability of tape and a low cost structure. Unfortunately, this promise greatly oversimplifies the true cost of tape backup.

The truth is tape has a number of hidden complexities when put into practice protecting data at petabyte-scale. These complexities create costs - including tape library costs, media server costs, catalog server costs, NDMP-based backup software costs, compression licenses, backup client costs, offsite storage costs, offsite retrieval costs, datacenter costs and management costs.

Management costs are often the most unexpected costs for customers relying on tape for data protection. Tape is notoriously labor intensive, with Igneous customers describing their prior tape environments as “untenable”, “taking two weeks to retrieve data” and with performance issues that make it “difficult for the IT team to meet SLAs”.

In “The True Cost of Backup” whitepaper, we built a model to normalize tape backup costs into a simple metric: the true cost to protect a terabyte of data on primary storage per year. Breaking down the myriad of tape backup costs into this simple metric allows you to compare the cost of tape to the cost of other backup options. Read the whitepaper to find out how we calculated the costs and what the potential cost savings are when migrating away from tape as your primary source of data protection.

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