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The True Cost of Backup

A deep dive on petabyte-scale data protection strategies and costs in 2020

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The True Cost of Replication

As unstructured data has proliferated over the last decade, many organizations have implemented disk-to-disk (D2D) replication as a backup strategy - with replication generally offering better performance than tape, and with less management overhead.

While clear benefits exist over tape backup, replication brings its own cost disadvantages as a scalable strategy for unstructured data protection, specifically related to hardware costs and software costs.

Our “The True Cost of Backup” whitepaper outlines the true costs of replication in detail - uncovering hidden cost drivers like change rate and backup retention periods that can dramatically increase the secondary storage capacity needed to protect data living on primary storage. Our breakdown highlights the fact that most customers need to buy secondary storage tiers equal to 1.3-3.2 times larger than primary storage tiers to account for typical change rates, retention periods and overhead needed for erasure encoding, resiliency and other functions.

The other key takeaway from this whitepaper: hardware costs typically only account for 40-60% of the total cost of replication. Replication also requires software licenses, maintenance agreements and more space in your datacenter - costs that often aren't accounted for in initial TCO analysis for replication.

Read all the detailed findings in our whitepaper to better understand the total cost of your replication solution and how it compares to data protection alternatives in the market today.

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