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The True Cost of Backup

A deep dive on petabyte-scale data protection strategies and costs in 2020

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The True Cost of Cloud

Storage costs on public cloud providers have been dropping steadily over the last several years, with storage prices now rivaling on-prem storage for enterprise-grade solutions.

But, the low sticker price of cloud storage can be deceiving.

Inefficient backup solutions that are not optimized for cloud transactions can cause ballooning ingress/egress fees. For example, backing up data in native file format to the cloud can incur massive ingress fees at scale, dwarfing the cost of on-prem solutions. Similarly, retrieving files from the cloud and even deleting files in the cloud incur transaction costs which must be factored into the TCO of backup to cloud.

In “The True Cost of Backup” whitepaper, we outline what cloud backup costs look like with Igneous DataProtect, our fully-managed solution for high-performance petabyte-scale backup to cloud that fully optimizes for cloud transaction costs.

Our whitepaper highlights the key cost drivers of backup to cloud solutions - and breaks these down into a standard cost per TiB of primary storage protected per year, so you can compare this strategy with tape and replication options which are also outlined in the paper.

Download the full whitepaper to see how these costs add up and why now may be the time to consider backup to cloud for enterprise-scale data protection.

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