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The True Cost of Backup

A deep dive on petabyte-scale data protection strategies and costs in 2020

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The Real Value of Backup

Most data-centric enterprises today have been running backups for decades. These backup solutions require a significant investment from the business, both financially and the on-going resources required to manage, monitor and maintain those solutions. 

The reason any organization backs up data is to prevent a valuable asset from being lost. The most common causes of data loss are hardware and software failure, human error, malicious actions, and natural disasters. While these situations may seem uncommon, our evidence suggests that data recovery happens often in enterprises.

On average, statistics from our platform indicate that Igneous DataProtect customers recover up to 4% of their data in an average year. This means that an organization can expect to lose 40 TiBs per year for every 1 PiB of data they have in production. While 4% may sound small, without backup this degree of data loss can be devastating to a modern enterprise.

In “The True Cost of Backup”, we start off the paper by outlining the real value of backup for businesses - including 3rd party research that aims to put a dollar value on the cost of business data loss - hard data that can help build the ROI for a modern, efficient backup solution.

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