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The True Cost of Backup

A deep dive on petabyte-scale data protection strategies and costs in 2020

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Customer Cost Savings

Data protection at enterprise scale often comes with a host of unexpected costs in regards to on-prem hardware, software licenses, maintenance fees and management overhead that customers simply don’t account for in their TCO analysis. In “The True Cost of Backup” whitepaper we go into depth to account for all of these costs to normalize on a standardized unit of cost across tape, replication and cloud backup strategies - but how does it all add up for real customers?

The final section of our whitepaper walks through a cost exercise for a company with 1PB of data, a 5% average monthly change rate, a backup retention period of 6 months and a restore rate of 3% per year. Using our standardized unit of cost across tape, replication and cloud backup - we proved that tape actually ends up being the most expensive data protection solution.  Replication comes in second while a cloud strategy using Igneous DataProtect to back up data to Azure delivers a comprehensive data protection strategy for nearly one-third the cost of tape - with zero hardware and 90% less time spent on management overhead.

Download the whitepaper to walk through the cost savings yourself to compare our model against your actual costs to see how your TCO compares.

Igneous Customers See Results

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Learn How Igneous Enables Enterprise Backup To Cloud at Petabyte-Scale