New Report: Comparing Enterprise Backup Costs in 2020

A deep dive on petabyte-scale data protection strategies and costs in 2020

Access our In-Depth Report on the TCO of Top Enterprise Backup Strategies in 2020

Data protection at enterprise scale often comes with a host of unexpected costs in regards to on-prem hardware, software licenses, maintenance fees and management overhead – costs that many don’t account for when budgeting for backup.

With unstructured data projected to grow 25-30% annually for the foreseeable future,  enterprises are having to unexpectedly scale out on-prem infrastructure to house their growing footprint of tape and replication hardware, adding extra costs and complexity to data protection.  

The challenge with calculating the true cost of enterprise backup is that each strategy has its own cost factors - datacenter costs, software costs, hardware costs, licensing costs, media costs and IT management costs.

We’ve surveyed our customers and performed market research to quantify the five key cost drivers in each backup strategy, then normalized those costs so you can compare true TCOs across tape backup, disk-to-disk replication and enterprise backup to cloud in 2020.

The results are staggering, with some of the "lowest cost" strategies adding up to double the TCO of other solutions.  Use these numbers as a guide to budget for your enterprise backup costs in 2021 and beyond.

Download our whitepaper to see the numbers in detail, and let us know your feedback.  


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