Our Technology

Igneous Hybrid Storage Cloud offers a modern approach to consolidated backup and archive. Built to handle billions of files, hundreds of file systems, and petabytes of data, Igneous Hybrid Storage Cloud provides data management for unstructured file data, delivered as-a-Service. Utilizing cloud services and on-premises infrastructure designed for data-centric computing, Igneous delivers the industry’s first secondary storage solution for massive file systems that offers both the convenience of storing data in your datacenter and the option to tier to cloud. Igneous Hybrid Storage Cloud eliminates the challenge of managing disparate backup software, disk-to-disk (D2D) replication, and storage targets.

Advantages provided by Igneous Hybrid Storage Cloud include:

Data Management

(2:27 min)

Igneous’ policy-driven data management is designed for large, unstructured data. Our unique data management platform simplifies the discovery and management of data across hybrid or multi-clouds. Igneous Hybrid Storage Cloud enables policy-driven tiering and file movement from the primary NAS array vendors to the Igneous storage tier, with optional tiering to the cloud.


Data Movement

(1:55 min)

The data movement engine behind Igneous Hybrid Storage Cloud is an easy-to-use, policy-driven system of data replication microservices that scales well and ensures high resiliency. The data movement engine provides integrated enterprise backup and archive for unstructured file data that is both highly efficient and highly scalable.



(1:47 min)

Igneous’ cloud-native services utilize on-premises infrastructure designed for data-centric computing, simplifying your secondary storage tier. Built from first principles of cloud management, cloud system architecture, and cloud-native services, Igneous Hybrid Storage Cloud delivers the benefits of cloud services in your datacenter to provide a modern secondary storage tier for massive file systems.



(2:03 min)

Igneous Zero-Touch Infrastructure™ includes remote, cloud-based monitoring, automatic provisioning, and software updates for your Igneous backup and archive storage tiers. Zero-Touch Infrastructure™ offloads the burden of software updates, troubleshooting, and managing multiple layers of infrastructure from enterprise IT — freeing valuable IT time and reducing total cost of ownership (TCO).