Our Technology

Consolidated Backup
& Archive

(4:18 min)

What storage challenges do enterprises face? How do you backup unstructured data without impacting system performance? How do you archive it with the confidence you can find it again?

Igneous Vice President of Products Christian Smith explores the benefits of Igneous Backup and Igneous Archive.


Local Data,
Cloud Managed

(2:29 min)

Enterprises traditionally face “two viable options” for managing storage – manage infrastructure in their datacenters or let public cloud providers manage and store the data. What are the limitations of these options? And is there a third possibility?

Igneous Vice President of Products Christian Smith describes how we manage local data storage through the cloud. 



(1:58 min)

Why are I/O bottlenecks common with traditional storage systems? What problems result when there’s a hardware failure? How can Igneous help eliminate these frustrations?

Igneous Chief Technology Officer Jeff Hughes shares how RatioPerfect™ Architecture (Hint: nano-servers!) prevents I/O bottlenecks and minimizes failure domains.



(1:44 min)

Many customers with data-heavy workflows mention challenges with performing both simple and sophisticated operations on their data. What are those challenges? What workarounds must enterprises introduce?

Igneous Chief Technology Officer Jeff Hughes describes how the Igneous platform simplifies data management without cumbersome application development.