Support for Organizations Impacted by COVID-19

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Business Continuity is at Risk

In these challenging times, organizations MUST mitigate risk as much as possible, especially around data loss.

Without resources allowed on-prem, processes can be significantly impacted with further complications likely via supply chain issues.  Seamlessly backing up storage for file protection and running archive to free up space is critical to continuity.

Data generation happens at a rapid pace, and a data loss event at times like these could literally affect lives.

Our Offer of Support

We understand that you are dealing with unplanned and challenging circumstances, Igneous wants to help. 

We are offering our DataDiscover service free of charge through September 2020 for organizations who need to quickly gain a global view of their NAS file data, separating cold or unused data sets across their storage infrastructure in order to free up much needed capacity. 

We are also offering deferred commercial requirements on our DataProtect service through September 2020 to empower organizations to backup, archive, search, and restore critical data as quickly as possible.

Igneous is ready to help seamlessly and remotely protect and optimize your mission-critical data.  Fill out the form so we can help you get started right away.

How We Can Help

Our unstructured data management solution is unique in that it requires very few resources to get up and running - no datacenter visits, only remote software installation to a VM in as little as 15 minutes. You can deploy it, set policies, and quickly view and protect data remotely across distributed sites and clouds like AWS, Azure and GCP. Igneous provides a simple SaaS experience with proactive monitoring and management freeing up crucial time for staff to devote to maintaining production systems. 

Igneous customers can:

  • Protect NAS file data to cloud AWS, Azure, GCP or secondary NAS/Object systems in as little as 15 minutes with 100% remote deployment. Use this as an opportunity to leverage cloud capabilities.
  • Get maximum operational efficiencies by reducing onsite IT duties such as managing tape drives and datacenter maintenance.
  • Free up space on primary storage for analysis by archiving old data.
  • Enable teams and partners to support users without the threat of data loss.

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