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Your Business Continuity is at Risk

Business continuity, data protection and efficient data management are challenging during the best of times – even more so lately.  When your staff are prevented from being on-premises it puts a logical strain on any on-premises systems and workflows.

Many of our customers are rapidly running out of primary storage. Data generation is still happening at a rapid pace, but staff can’t service on-premises appliances, vendors can’t gain site access to increase capacity and the supply chain of replacement media itself is being disrupted as manufacturers, distributors and resellers around the world shut down in response to the virus.

The fastest way to free up NAS capacity is to identify unused data sets and move them off to other on-premises storage tiers or cloud archive tiers. But, manually identifying unused data across a network of NAS devices is a daunting task for many organizations, and becomes an impossible task at petabyte-scale.

Our Offer of Support

Igneous wants to help you reclaim your NAS capacity, so you can continue your critical business operations.

We are offering our DataDiscover service free of charge through September 2020.

DataDiscover deploys to a VM in just minutes (fully remotely) and immediately begins to rapidly and efficiently scan and index all NAS data wherever it resides, across however many different storage platforms you may have.

DataDiscover provides a single unified global view of all NAS data, system capacities, and most importantly a configurable ‘heat map’ based on your specific policies segmenting Hot, Warm, and Cold Data - showing facets such as Time Last Accessed and Time Last Modified so you can quickly find and archive unused data sets.  

DataDiscover is high performance and built for petabyte-scale environments, with the ability to scan 17 billion files per day – all without impacting the performance of your NAS systems.

After scanning your environment with DataDiscover, if you want help instantly archiving that data to on-premise or cloud archive tiers, it is a simple upgrade to enable our DataProtect service.  

Get Started

To take advantage of this offer, please fill out the form above, or email us at info@igneous.io

We can set up your DataDiscover access in minutes and give you a full view into unused data across your NAS environment within hours so you can take rapid action to reclaim NAS capacity and continue your critical business operations.

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