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Visibility + Backup & Archive

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What's Included

Visibility with DataDiscover

See, analyze, and act on NAS data

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Key Features

See data across all NAS devices in one view

Stateless VM, deploy in minutes

Ability to scan up to 17B files per day

Backup & Archive with DataProtect

Protect petabytes of data and billions of files

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Key Features

Any NAS source, any cloud destination

Stateless VM, deploy in minutes

Starter Pack includes data protection for up to 200TB of source data



The Igneous Starter Pack is priced at $47,000.

Starter Pack includes 12 months of Igneous DataProtect for high performance backup and archive for up to 200TB of source data, plus 12 months of Igneous DataDiscover for file visibility across all NAS appliances.


SaaS Data Management
for File Intensive Environments

Traditional solutions for visualizing, protecting, and moving data at the scale of modern enterprises simply don’t work. The result for today’s IT teams are rising costs, missed SLAs due to failing systems, and datacenters that are near or out of space.That's why Igneous was built. We specialize in file intensive environments so you can manage your digital assets with confidence.



Not a complex IT project. Deploy stateless VM in minutes, import any NAS system in seconds, and view results in minutes to hours. 



Our proprietary Adaptive SCAN technology can digest up to 17 billion files per day, per task. View global results in minutes.



See all of your NAS data in one view with an InfiniteINDEX that scales to handle trillions of metadata entries.



Igneous integrates via API with NetApp, Isilon, Pure Flashblade, and Qumulo to simplify data management.



Consolidated data protection across all file data and sites with a single interface or API.



AdaptiveSCANIntelliMOVE and InfinitieINDEX hold our secrets to seeing, moving, and indexing data faster than anyone else.

It’s an elegantly simple solution. I get to sleep easier at night knowing our backup and data requirements are being met, and knowing Igneous’ ability to scale will meet our expanding requirements in the future.
Sanjay Das
Partner & COO, Tippett Studio

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Starter Pack easily scales from 200TB of source data protected to petabytes, on-demand.

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