Igneous Hybrid Storage Cloud Services

Secondary storage serves many purposes — a lower-cost capacity tier, or a target for backup or archive data. Igneous Hybrid Storage Cloud sits onsite and effortlessly manages secondary storage with three simple, agile and cost-effective services:

  • Igneous Backup – Fast, easy backup and restore for your primary tier
  • Igneous Archive – Powerful, easy-to-use solution to manually or automatically move data between tiers
  • Igneous Storage – Onsite, high-performance storage with built-in tiering to public cloud

Igneous Hybrid Storage Cloud services sit in your datacenter. Igneous monitors, troubleshoots and upgrades appliances remotely to make managing your secondary storage simple.

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Igneous Backup

Igneous Backup protects the files across all of your enterprise NAS to your Igneous Hybrid Storage Cloud, with optional tiering to public cloud services. We designed Igneous Backup for superior performance and management, compared to legacy backup.

  • Continuous replication eliminates backup windows
  • Minimizes impact on your primary storage tiers
  • Offers rapid search and retrieval of data
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Igneous Archive

Igneous Archive simplifies archiving. Users or administrators can manually archive, restore and download unstructured data through a powerful search and analytics interface. IT can create policies to automatically move data across primary storage, Igneous Storage, and public cloud.

  • Scans and indexes all your storage, letting you search tiers simultaneously
  • Integrates with enterprise directory services
  • Enforces file permissions so IT can monitor and restrict archiving
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Igneous Storage

Igneous Storage delivers a scalable private storage cloud, with superior data resiliency. Whether you need a capacity tier, backup storage or an archive target, Igneous Storage handles massive file systems and eliminates bottlenecks at scale.

  • Eliminates input/output bottlenecks using our patented RatioPerfect™ architecture
  • Offers superior resiliency using our DEEPR (Distributed Erasure Encoding with Prioritized Repair) protection scheme and native replication capability
  • Monitors and manages Igneous appliances in your datacenter, freeing up IT resources
  • Updates the system automatically, meaning instant access to the latest features and functionality
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