rubrik-logoIntegration with Rubrik

Rubrik Cloud Data Management delivers automated backup, recovery, archival, search, cloud, and development in a simple, scale-out platform for structured data. Pairing Rubrik with Igneous to manage your unstructured data enables enterprises to simplify data-management across the organization.

Benefits of API Integration

Not all data needs to live on the same tier. While recent backups may remain on Rubrik for fast recovery, older backups can be seamlessly tiered to Igneous for long-term archive. Igneous will act as your S3 API endpoint for Rubrik to tier aging backups to, and as your management platform for backup and archive of unstructured data.

Cost-Effective Solution

Utilizing Igneous with Rubrik’s data tiering system enables economical scaling of structured data onsite for archived capacity while also providing an unstructured data backup and archive solution. Together, Igneous and Rubrik offer enterprises a scalable, easily-managed, cost-effective secondary storage solution for structured and unstructured data.