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Igneous provides a scale-out unstructured data management solution designed to handle the scale of Qumulo's modern scale-out file system. Igneous' data movement engine is optimized to dynamically scale out across the QC-Series nodes thus evenly distributing the backup load without interrupting the applications utilizing QF2. The Igneous platform is compatible with both NFS and SMB protocols from Qumulo clusters, allowing all unstructured data to be protected by Igneous.

Benefits of API Integration

Igneous provides the industry's only native integration for Qumulo QF2 at an API level, simplifying the tasks of system discovery, snapshotting, and preservation of permissions on file system exports. Data protection is as simple as setting a policy on the export.

Many Qumulo customers have utilized replication for data protection, but were lacking in the ability to integrate with other protection methods. The Igneous API-based integration with QF2 fills that gap by enabling seamless local copy and fast restore of all data on Qumulo systems across the enterprise.

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Scale-Out Optimized

Using Igneous to protect your Qumulo offers many advantages, including scale-out architecture, resiliency, and agility. The scale-out architecture of both Qumulo and Igneous allows enterprises to scale primary and secondary tiers together, which becomes essential as data grows large. The distributed nature of Igneous’ cloud-native architecture results in resiliency, protecting against potential failures. Lastly, users experience agility due to non-disruptive software updates.

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