PureStorageIntegration with Pure Storage FlashBlade

Igneous provides a scale-out unstructured data management solution that was designed to handle the dense and fast file workloads on Pure Storage FlashBlade. The performance of Pure FlashBlade stands apart from the field. However, maintaining backups for Pure FlashBlade to maximize performance and minimize costs is a significant challenge--and Igneous is the only vendor that offers direct API integration. Taking advantage of the Igneous with Pure FlashBlade integration optimizes your storage portfolio, offering organizations the best latency performance on the primary tier and the best throughput performance on the secondary tier.

Benefits of API Integration

Igneous integrates directly with the Pure FlashBlade API. This makes setup easy, as Igneous will automatically provision permissions to backup your Pure FlashBlade. This also enables Igneous to use snapshots on Pure FlashBlade, ensuring read-consistency during backups.

In addition to API-based integration with Pure FlashBlade, Igneous provides the industry's only data protection solution capable of integrating with Pure FlashBlade object storage.

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Compression Optimized

We know that if you’re buying Pure FlashBlade, you’re not buying any space you don’t needso we match Pure’s compression to give you the same efficiency in your capacity tier. In addition, Igneous’ data movement engine dynamically scales out across all FlashBlade storage blades in highly-parallel streams, evenly distributing the backup load and maximizing data movement. Finally, our latency-aware data movement enables you to run backups without impacting the performance of your Pure FlashBlade.

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