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Igneous makes cloud economics a reality by utilizing cloud archive tiers for file backup and archive at scale.

No matter where your data lives, Igneous’ native API integrations for Google Cloud Services, Azure Blob, and AWS S3 / Glacier are proven to make cloud storage usable in minutes, even at the scale of the largest enterprises. In addition, utilize Wasabi Hot Cloud storage for a high-performance, one-size-fits-all object storage service with predictable pricing and fast access.




Why Igneous


Igneous has native API integrations with Google Cloud Services, Azure BlobTiers, AWS S3 and Glacier. Igneous writes data directly into your cloud accounts and supports multi-cloud, all regions, and all tiers. Restore file data to any cloud file system using our proprietary InfiniteINDEX.


Scale and Performance

Igneous is architected for performance at scale. 

Our proprietary AdaptiveSCAN, IntelliMOVE, and InfiniteINDEX technology was designed by a team with over a century of file experience.  

If you have petabytes of data, and/or billions of files - Igneous can handle it all without the hassle of missed SLAs.


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SaaS backup and archive 
for petabytes of data and billions of files

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