Backup, archive, and cloud-tiering designed for unstructured file data.

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Igneous is the first unstructured data management solution for massive file systems that offers both the convenience of storing data in your datacenter and the option to tier to public cloud.

It's delivered as-a-Service, meaning that our Remote Management Platform handles all monitoring, diagnostics, failure management, and software updates.

We provide:

  • Backup  Highly parallel, policy-driven backup for NAS appliances minimizes impact on your primary tier while eliminating backup windows.
  • Archive  Powerful, policy-based data movement and an intuitive File Insights dashboard redefine the archive experience.
  • Cloud-Tiering  Policy-based workflows make it easy to automatically replicate and tier data to cloud.
  • All offered as-a-Service — We take care of the logistics so you can focus on your business.
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Watch to learn how Igneous streamlines secondary storage.

How we're different:

  • We give back your time. Just provide network, power, rack, and cooling, and point us at your data. Our Remote Management Platform and fail-in-place architecture means there’s no need to spend your nights and weekends babysitting your backups, dealing with drives, or planning software upgrades.
  • Our modern, intuitive interface enables easy search to restore. IT administrators and end users can find their data based on what they’re looking for rather than its location. Select the file, directory, or system, and restore with one click.
  • Built specifically for unstructured file data, Igneous easily integrates with your NAS. Latency-aware data movement and parallel streams provide the performance you need for unstructured data, unmatched by any other solution on the market today.
  • Scalability to handle hundreds of file systems, billions of files, and petabytes of data. Backup silos are a thing of the past, as is waiting weeks for your data to move.
  • Cross-tier visibility gives you confidence that your data will be where it’s needed, when it’s needed.
Learn more in our product datasheet.

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