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Igneous Alliance Partners

Igneous helps data-centric organizations backup and archive unstructured data at any scale.

Igneous’ alliance with NetApp, Pure Storage Flashblade, Qumulo, and Cloudian efficiently leverage each storage system’s functionality to make backup and archive easy, fast, and flexible.


Why Igneous?


Simple VM-based architecture, customers can deploy Igneous and start backing up data within minutes.


Engineered for exabyte-size environments, Igneous moves data in parallel streams to maximize network throughput without impacting production performance.


Igneous can protect any file data stored on any NAS system, using any protocol, and write data to any on-premises or cloud-based storage target.


Scale and Performance

Igneous is architected for performance at scale.



Our proprietary AdaptiveSCAN, IntelliMOVE, and InfiniteINDEX technology was designed by a team with over a century of file experience.  

If you have petabytes of data, and/or billions of files - Igneous can handle it all without the hassle of missed SLAs.

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