Primary NAS Integrations - Scale Out NAS

Primary NAS Integrations

Igneous was designed to make any scale backup easy by integrating with enterprise NAS vendors. Protection is driven through simple policies that are either auto-assigned based on automatic export discovery or administratively assigned through the user interface. All data movement is highly-parallel and latency aware, ensuring fast movement without application disruption. This scale out approach is far more effective than traditional NDMP backup, as it minimizes the impact on primary tiers and eliminates backup windows.

Igneous provides native API integration for Dell EMC Isilon, NetApp, Pure Storage FlashBlade, and Qumulo QF2. In addition, Igneous is the industry's only data protection solution capable of supporting Pure FlashBlade Object storage, direct API integration with QF2 by Qumulo, and multi-protocol support for Isilon OneFS - all the first of their kind in the industry.

This API integration automates backup by: 

  • Scale to billions of files across your data center and the cloud
  • Automating system export discovery and permissions provisioning for exports
  • Monitoring latency to ensure backups do not impact end user applications
  • Managing snapshots for read-consistent backups

Igneous can also backup any generic NAS file systems at scale with parallel, latency aware data movement.

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Integration with NetApp

Igneous offers cost-effective NetApp backup, including a seamless, efficient pathway to native public cloud storage for current NetApp users. As a scale-out solution, the Igneous NetApp API integration consolidates the secondary tier across different NetApp storage systems, enabling you to more easily find data and manage data, no matter where it is stored, even across multiple silos.

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NetApp Integration
Dell EMC Isilon Integration

Integration with Dell EMC Isilon

Our Dell EMC Isilon integration is a powerful scale-out solution for primary, secondary, and cloud-tiering of unstructured data. Igneous combines on-premises instances, cloud native software, and remote management to deliver a complete solution for versioned backup and long-term archive of long-term data. Helping Dell EMC Isilon customers cap and constrain the growth of their primary storage tiers.

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Integration with Pure Storage

Igneous provides a scale-out unstructured data management solution designed to handle the dense and fast file workloads on Pure Storage FlashBlade. The performance of Pure Storage stands apart from the field. However, maintaining backups for Pure FlashBlade to maximize performance and minimize costs is a significant challenge. The Igneous Pure Storage FlashBlade integration is an efficient way to optimize your storage portfolio, offering organizations the best latency performance on the primary tier and the best throughput performance on the capacity tier.

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Pure Storage FlashBlade Integration

Integration with Qumulo

Igneous provides the only unstructured data management solution designed to handle the scale of a Qumulo NAS system. Igneous' data movement engine is optimized to dynamically scale out across the QC-Series nodes thus evenly distributing the backup load without interrupting the applications utilizing QF2. The Igneous platform is compatible with both NFS and SMB protocols from Qumulo NAS clusters, allowing all unstructured data to be protected by Igneous.

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Integration with Other NAS Vendors

Igneous offers a cost-effective way to backup NAS and a seamless, efficient pathway to native public cloud storage for enterprises with NAS storage. As a scale-out solution, Igneous consolidates secondary tier across different NAS primary systems, enabling you to more easily find data no matter where it is stored and manage data across multiple silos.

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