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What if your NAS is not one of our API-integrated systems? Whether you use Oracle ZFS, Windows Server, HDS H-NAS, or Linux, Igneous can still backup your NAS with parallelized, latency-aware data movement that's more effective than traditional NDMP backup. 

The Igneous platform will protect NFS exports on a generic NAS system. Backing up NFS exports from you NAS system is as simple as importing a system, and setting policies to initiate backups.



Screen Shot - Generic NAS.png

Igneous’ data movement engine dynamically scales out in highly-parallel streams, evenly distributing the backup load and maximizing data movement. Additionally, Igneous has implemented a high performance compression algorithm that automatically compresses data read off NAS devices before it’s sent to be stored on Igneous. Finally, our latency-aware data movement enables you to run backups without impacting the performance of your NAS systems.