Netapp_logo-1Integration with NetApp

Igneous offers cost-effective on-premises unstructured data management and a seamless, efficient pathway to native public cloud storage for current NetApp users. As a scale-out solution, Igneous consolidates the secondary tier across different NetApp primary systems, enabling you to more easily find data no matter where it is stored and manage data across multiple silos.

Benefits of API Integration

Igneous integrates via API with both NetApp Cluster Mode and NetApp 7 Mode systems to automatically discover new SVMs, and its addition will require less work than maintaining the infrastructure that you already have. Igneous can provide read-consistent, versioned backups of your NetApp systems without relying on legacy protocols such as NDMP and their impact on performance. Instead, Igneous integrates with the snapshot APIs on your NetApp filer, initiating snapshots before performing data movement operations and releasing them when done.

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Performance Optimized

By moving data through standard NFS or SMB protocols, Igneous data movement is optimized to work the way your NetApp filer is designed. Moreover, Igneous dynamically throttles data movement based on your NetApp filer performance characteristics to ensure that data movement does not impact end users or applications.

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