infinite_io-logoIntegration with Infinite IO

Infinite IO provides a Network-based Storage Controller to accelerate data that is actively being used while continuously migrating inactive data to a cloud or low-cost storage tier. Utilizing Infinite IO’s file services gateway with Igneous enables economical scaling of data onsite for archived capacity while also providing a front-end abstraction layer that understands both file systems protocols.

Benefits of Tiered Storage

Not all data needs to live on the same tier. While active data may remain on performance storage tiers for access using traditional file systems and workflows, less active data can be identified and seamlessly archived to a scalable, easily-managed, cost-effective storage system, such as Igneous. However, users may still expect to retrieve and work with archived data with the same kind of interfaces they use for their file data on performance tiers.

Capacity Optimized

Organizations can expand file services with the economics of cloud storage by using Igneous and Infinite IO together. Additionally, enterprises can significantly increase overall storage capacity by relying on Igneous for long-term retention of inactive data migrated off the primary tier by Infinite IO. This enables your primary storage tier to serve active datasets faster due to decreased capacity load.

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