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High-Tech Manufacturing

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Igneous for High-Tech Manufacturing

Igneous delivers a scale-out, high-performance data management solution for high-tech manufacturing environments.





Legacy data solutions can't keep up

Every step in a high-tech manufacturing process generates critical files that need to be protected. CAD/CAM designs, test plans and results, manufacturing blueprints, and the necessary logistics to make it all happen must be organized by project. 

All this data is critical, since it represents the intellectual property of your organization. So when mistakes inevitably do happen, IT teams need a way to ensure valuable days are not lost. This means a robust data management solution that can meet all backup and recovery SLAs.  A modern data solution for high-tech manufacturing should also be able to understand which projects are complete, and which can be archived to free up valuable primary NAS capacity.

That's why Igneous was built.


SaaS backup, visibility, and archive designed for scale

Today’s high-tech manufacturing workloads require a modern data solution, optimized for the scale of the enterprise.

Igneous is architected to support any dense or uneven dataset, very small and very large files - all while reducing management costs and complexity. 

Find, protect and manage data across your entire organization, even multi-site heterogeneous environments. Igneous provides data visibility at scale so you know exactly which projects are inactive and one-click simplicity to archive data to any endpoint. 


Modern Storage Portfolio

Manage unstructured data, leveraging powerful software architectures to scan, index, and move data across primary, secondary, and cloud tiers


Designed to handle massive amounts of data across both performance and capacity tiers, delivering maximum scalability of large datasets


Hard dollar cost savings over traditional vendors for visibility, protection, and archive


Flexibility for any Use Case


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