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Igneous for Finance

Igneous delivers a high-performance unstructured data management solution for financial teams.





Legacy data solutions can't keep up

Financial organizations generate and consume petabytes of file data. And what’s petabytes today, will be exabytes soon.

Most organizations that use and consume stock tick data for quantitative analysis struggle when the scale reaches billions of files, making it difficult for IT teams to meet their SLAs. 

Leveraging the cloud in a secure way for backup and archive is also a challenge to implement at scale. Today’s finance teams need a protection solution that can scale to meet tomorrow’s business requirements for data retention and recovery.

That's why Igneous was built.


SaaS backup, archive, and visibility designed for scale

Igneous empowers Finance organizations to reduce risk, optimize storage costs, and improve operational efficiency. 

Protect petabytes of new data every day by replacing your slow, legacy backup solution. With Igneous you can quickly find, protect and manage data across your entire organization - even multi-site heterogeneous environments.

Save space on primary storage. Igneous provides better data protection in an operationally efficient solution reducing the human burden on backup, archive, and recovery. 

Offering both onsite and cloud-based archive options, Igneous moves data at scale to and from any archive endpoint.


Modern Storage Portfolio

Manage unstructured data, leveraging powerful software architectures to scan, index, and move data across primary, secondary, and cloud tiers


Designed to handle massive amounts of data across both performance and capacity tiers, delivering maximum scalability of large datasets


True operational efficiency over traditional vendors for visibility, protection, and archive

Data-Heavy Teams Use Igneous to:


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