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Electronic Design Automation

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Igneous for EDA

Igneous delivers a high performance, scale-out data management solution for EDA environments, able to tackle the billions of file problems.





Legacy data solutions can't keep up

Modern EDA workflows generate millions of small files during the simulation, analysis, and verification of system designs - and the volume of data is ever-increasing with more chips and higher transistor densities.  

While design verification is a critical quality-control methodology, the iterative process creates high change rates and billions of files that make hitting data protection SLAs really tough.

Additionally, new projects are always starting and stopping, making it difficult to know what datasets are still in use.

That's why Igneous was built.


SaaS backup, visibility, and archive designed for scale

Today’s high-tech manufacturing workloads, such as EDA or ECAD, require a robust data management solution that can meet all backup and recovery SLAs.  A modern data solution for EDA workflows should also be able to understand which projects are complete, and which can be archived to free up valuable primary NAS capacity.

Igneous is architected to support the densest workflows with flexible deployments options for any use case. Protect data on-premises or to the cloud - all while reducing management costs and eliminating complexity. 

Index billions of files quickly so you know exactly which projects are inactive. Igneous provides one-click simplicity to archive data to any endpoint.


Modern Storage Portfolio

Manage unstructured data, leveraging powerful software architectures to scan, index, and move data across primary, secondary, and cloud tiers


Designed to handle massive amounts of data across both performance and capacity tiers, delivering maximum scalability of large datasets


Hard dollar cost savings over traditional vendors for visibility, protection, and archive


Flexibility for any Use Case


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