Igneous Storage

Igneous Storage delivers a scalable private storage cloud. Whether you need a capacity tier, backup storage or an archive target, Igneous Storage gives your organization hassle-free, agile and cost-effective secondary storage. It’s the industry’s first secondary storage solution that effortlessly handles massive file systems.


  • Provides superior resiliency using our DEEPR (Distributed Erasure Encoding with Prioritized Repair) protection scheme and native replication capability
  • Monitors and manages Igneous appliances in your datacenter, freeing up your valuable IT resources
  • Updates the system automatically, meaning instant access to the latest features and functionality

How Igneous Storage Works


Your applications interact with Igneous Hybrid Storage Cloud through APIs.


Igneous Hybrid Storage Cloud tiers and replicates data to your other datacenters and public cloud.


Users and applications take advantage of advanced data discovery and event-driven computing.

Benefits of Igneous Storage


  • On-premises content store for your unstructured data
  • Updates, monitoring and repairs handled by Igneous
  • Automated, full-service storage via a premium subscription service
Watch our overview video (2 min)

True Cloud

  • API-driven, supporting popular protocols such as S3 API
  • Horizontally scales from 100TB to 100PB - and beyond
  • Intelligent storage supporting event-driven microservices

Zero Touch

  • Automated, hassle-free system upgrades
  • Our RatioPerfect™ architecture limits failures to small, nano server domains
  • Igneous repairs failed components and regularly replaces everything


  • Remote maintenance frees your IT resources
  • Real-time dashboard visibility into storage and performance metrics
  • Public cloud integration provides lower-cost options for long-term retention