Igneous Backup

We optimized Igneous Backup to protect massive file systems. Our search and analytics technology enables enterprises to quickly access the billions of files they produce. Our integrated, high-performance storage incorporates proprietary technology that eliminates bottlenecks at scale.

  • Integrates backup software and storage, saving you time maintaining and managing multiple systems
  • Reads and writes data in parallel streams to maximize data transfer speeds and minimize impact on the performance tier
  • Provides deep visibility into ALL of your storage tiers, including primary storage, Igneous Storage, and public cloud

How Igneous Backup Works


Develop data policies to backup data using high-speed NFS/SMB protocols.


Store data in Igneous Hybrid Storage Cloud and optionally tier to public cloud.


Find and recover important files and versions. Gain insights from your data.

Benefits of Igneous Backup

High Performance

  • Highly parallel and latency-aware data movement eliminates impact to primary storage
  • Data remains in native format, with no encapsulation
  • Incremental scan rates of 100M files an hour


  • Incrementals run continuously and forever, with a virtual full backup
  • Recovery of point-in-time views or latest versions
  • Tiering of backup data to public cloud with built-in encryption


  • Data searchable by name, user, group or extension
  • LDAP directory integration and permission enforcement lets user find – and recover – their own data
  • Analytics on system performance and on the data itself


  • Igneous manages the software and appliances for you with backup-as-a-service
  • Non-disruptive updates run concurrently with Igneous Backup operations
  • Continuous deployment of new features and enhancements