IDC Vendor Profile on Igneous Systems

Igneous Systems Introduces the Igneous Data Service  True Public Cloud Within the Customers' Premises

IDC wrote a vendor profile on Igneous in 2016 detailing value proposition of our services, strengths, and future outlook. 

According to IDC, the "key differentiators" of our services include:

  • "Technology innovations in Igneous Systems' trademarked RatioPerfect architecture, resulting in miniature high-performance storage module units, which cumulatively deliver scale and fault tolerance within a customer's premises
  • Competitive price per gigabyte (GB), better than leader public cloud object storage services for large data sets, with predictable baseline and volatility
  • Completely managed maintenance, management, and upgrade, handled remotely by Igneous Systems, without any disruption to operations or downtime (zero-touch maintenance)
  • Future-ready capabilities — such as the extensible data path and microservices-based architecture — that will eventually allow the system to be used as a platform for high-performance data-centric applications (This converts the data store into an intelligent platform for next-generation applications.)"

IDC reports that "the value propositions of [our] platform — price-performance, comparable to or better than public cloud, and the
completely managed maintenance/upgrade operations — resonated well with [our customers'] storage-related challenges."

In addition, IDC's future outlook for Igneous is bright.

"The value of data, and the ability to derive insights from large quantities of data, is well recognized in the industry. From a long-term perspective, the cloud-native capabilities of Igneous Data Service enable the next generation of value-added services and applications to be built on top of existing data. As adoption grows, this will provide organizations a rich platform for through which to efficiently unlock value from data."

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