Integration with Google Cloud Platform

Igneous makes both tiering and data replication to Google Cloud Platform easy. IT can set policies to tier data for archive or replicate data with our user-friendly interface. Backups run automatically in the background without impacting performance, saving IT time and reducing user frustration. Igneous integrates and manages data across Regional, Nearline, and Coldline storage tiers, allowing data to be where it needs to be when it needs to be there.

Benefits of API Integration

The Igneous platform provides a highly efficient data movement engine that maximizes efficiency and minimizes cost of data movement. Igneous is designed specifically for the challenges of moving unstructured data to Google Cloud. Moving large and small files at scale can be cost prohibitive and resource intensive. The Igneous platform removes these obstacles through transfer compression and object grouping.

Screen Shot - Google Cloud Platform.png

Cloud-Native Services

Igneous provides visibility to your data wherever it lives, whether it is on Igneous or stored in any tier of Google Cloud. Additionally, data moved to Google Cloud through the Igneous platform can be stored in native format, or in an open, self-describing format to ensure organizations always maintain control.

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