Igneous completes security assessment by Trusted Partner Network

May 26, 2020

Media and Entertainment-Focused Security Audit

SEATTLE – May 26, 2020 – Igneous, the company that provides SaaS data management for file-intensive environments, today announced it had successfully completed a security assessment by the Trusted Partner Network (TPN). With this assessment, Igneous meets media and entertainment industry-specific requirements around content security while satisfying more general security standards focused on corporate governance, employee management, and operations.

The TPN is a joint venture between the Motion Picture Association (formerly the MPAA) and the Content Delivery and Security Association designed to help global, industry-wide motion picture and television content providers, creators, and owners know which third-party service providers they can trust to handle their most valuable assets. A TPN assessment is a rigorous audit of a vendor’s ability to secure motion picture and television content through the production, post production and distribution content lifecycle.

Igneous joins a select group of global third-party services providers that have been thoroughly evaluated by a TPN-certified professional assessor on application and cloud security, content workflows, policy management, and site security. Media and Entertainment companies can use Igneous products and know that a thorough assessment of their operations has been made with industry-specific security challenges taken into account.

Media and entertainment companies that are interested in learning more about the audit’s results can get a copy of the report either from the TPN website or directly from Igneous. Media companies can depend on Igneous to provide them with the services they need to visualize, protect and move the massive amounts of data they deal with day in and day out.

For more information about Igneous, please contact info@igneous.io.

About Igneous

Igneous is the SaaS data management solution for file-intensive environments. Data-centric enterprises trust Igneous to provide visibility, protection, and movement at scale. Igneous’ API-enabled, cloud-native solution combines all data management functions allowing organizations to fully tap the value of their unstructured data while reducing risk and optimizing IT resources. Learn more at igneous.io.

Igneous PR Contact:
Mike Bradshaw
Connect Marketing