The State of Unstructured Data Management Report

Survey of 200 IT leaders managing hundreds of terabytes of unstructured data reveals trends, attitudes, and challenges

The worldwide shift from structured data to unstructured data is well known. But what is less-known is how the shift to an unstructured data world affects computing. With analyst predicting that over 90% of new data will be unstructured, it becomes clear that IT leaders and data owners need to understand and prepare for how this will impact data-centric organizations. That's why Igneous surveyed over 200 data-centric organizations in North America across a wide range of industries to explore unstructured data growth trends, problems, and what industry experts are doing about it, providing you valuable insights in this free downloadable report.

In this report, you'll learn:

  • Why IT departments need different long-term plans for their structured and unstructured data
  • Whether data visibility or data security presents more of a challenge for unstructured data
  • How much data the average data-intensive organization stores in primary, secondary, and tertiary storage tiers
  • Why it's so hard for companies to make buying decisions around their file data infrastructure