DellEMC_LogoIntegration with Dell EMC Isilon

Dell EMC Isilon and Igneous combine to make a powerful scale-out solution for primary, secondary, and cloud-tiering of unstructured data. Igneous combines on-premises instances, cloud native software, and remote management to deliver a complete solution for versioned backup and long-term archive of long-term data to help cap and constrain growth of the primary tier to leverage the advantages of public cloud.

Benefits of API Integration

Igneous’ direct API integration with Isilon provides automated permissions provisioning, and read consistency via snapshot integration. Additionally, the Igneous platform will protect both NFS exports and SMB shares on an Isilon system. Backing up SMB shares from Isilon is as simple as importing a system, supplying a backup admin user from your Active Directory, and setting policies to initiate backups.

In addition, Igneous provides the industry's only multi-protocol support for Isilon OneFS. This means that enterprise customers using both SMB and NFS on Isilon concurrently are able to protect their data without losing any of the multi-protocol permissions.

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Performance Optimized

Designed as a primary tier for performance at scale, Dell EMC Isilon incorporates specialized hardware and specialty interconnects that typically involve higher price points than are justified for secondary tiers. Designed as a secondary tier, Igneous is architected to be both scalable and cost effective for high throughput (rather than low latency) data access most appropriate for backup and archive applications. With Isilon as a highly scalable primary tier and Igneous as a cost effective scale-out secondary tier, organizations can optimize their storage environment for performance and cost without rewriting or affecting existing apps.

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