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  • How does Igneous DataProtect simplify the management of unstructured enterprise data?

    A: Igneous DataProtect is the first backup and archive solution built for the petabytes of file and object data in today’s enterprises. DataProtect is protocol- and platform-agnostic, centralizing backup and archive services from any NAS system in the enterprise. Compatible with all NAS platforms and public-cloud providers and delivered as-a-Service, Igneous DataProtect overcomes the limitations of legacy data-protection solutions, backing up data at scale while simplifying unstructured data protection and archive in even the largest environments.

  • Will DataProtect impact my system performance?

    No. While Igneous DataProtect uses NAS system resources to scan and protect, the service monitors latency at all times, during all tasks, and will throttle back its resource consumption if NAS system latency starts to increase. This means that DataProtect can run 24x7, providing around-the-clock data protection and eliminating the “backup window” associated with legacy data-protection solutions.

  • What deployment options are available with DataProtect?

    Igneous services can be deployed on dedicated hardware, or via a software-only option that uses an on onsite virtual machine. DataProtect can store backup and archive data locally on an Igneous appliance, locally on NFS or generic S3 storage, on any public cloud platform and tier, or on any combination of those targets. Customers can choose the deployment and storage options that meet their specific enterprise needs.

  • What is the difference between deploying on hardware vs software?

    The hardware appliance option includes an Igneous-managed storage layer to host backup and archive data, although hardware customers can also enable direct-to-cloud backups and secondary replication from the onsite hardware instance.

    A software-only deployment of DataProtect uses customer-managed storage – either locally via NAS or generic S3, or on any public-cloud platform and tier – for all backup and archive capacity. 

  • How is the software-only version of DataProtect deployed?

    Igneous DataProtect can be deployed using a stateless virtual machine, which is hosted on your own local virtual infrastructure. After the initial setup process, the virtual machine’s operational status and performance are monitored remotely, as-a-Service by Igneous. The overall process requires very little on-premises infrastructure to deploy, with fast time to results – customers can begin backing up their file data within minutes of the initial deployment. Click here for the DataProtect software-only deployment guide.

  • How does the software-only version manage data?

    Backup data is uploaded to any endpoint of the customer’s choosing. This can be a public-cloud target or local NFS/S3 storage. DataProtect provides native interoperability with all major public-cloud platforms, and can move backup/archive data directly into any location and storage tier that the customer designates. 

    Per-file metadata – information associated with each file, such as create time, modify time, file size, etc. – is uploaded to a customer-specific, Igneous-managed endpoint, where it is used to provide index and search capabilities.

  • How are data and scanned metadata secured?

    Data stored on-premises is subject to all of the customer’s own security controls. Data stored in a cloud service is transmitted using TLS into buckets owned by the customer’s account. Encryption at rest, if needed, is configured using the cloud provider’s specific encryption settings. Igneous is never in possession of customer data.

    Metadata collected by on-premises hardware is stored locally on that hardware and protected by the customer’s own perimeter security. For VM deployments, metadata is stored in a customer-specific instance owned by Igneous. Metadata is always encrypted at rest using AWS SSE-S3, and customer metadata is never intermingled with data from other customers.

  • Which public cloud providers can DataProtect use as a storage target?

    DataProtect can target any tier in AWS Simple Storage Service (S3), Google Cloud Storage, Azure Blob Storage, Wasabi Hot Cloud Storage, or any generic S3 target.

  • What are the requirements for deploying the software-only version of DataProtect?

    Click here for the DataProtect deployment requirements and FAQ.

  • How do I get DataProtect Backup as-a-Service?

    AWS customers can quickly purchase DataProtect Backup as-a-Service through AWS Marketplace. For Azure customers, DataProtect is available through the Azure Marketplace. For integration with other cloud platforms, contact Igneous directly and we’ll get you started.

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