DataFlow FAQs

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  • How does DataFlow simplify data migration?

    Moving large amounts of data has traditionally been labor and time intensive and unreliable. With Igneous DataFlow it’s never been easier to move any amount of data from any NAS system to any other compatible format system in native format - including the cloud. Vendor-agnostic and fully integrated with every type of cloud storage, DataFlow eliminates the bottlenecks of legacy tools without impacting production workflows or requiring 24x7 operational monitoring.

  • Why is moving data so hard?

    Data growth is putting new pressures on enterprise IT, from amassing tremendous amounts of data, managing aging infrastructures to incorporating new workflows and the cloud in their infrastructure. Legacy data-movement techniques were developed when a million files or a terabyte of data was considered a lot. When faced with billions of files and petabytes of data, they fail more often than not. DataFlow is built to handle billions of files and petabytes of data making data movement as easy as setting up a policy. 

  • Can DataFlow move data between on-premises datacenters and the cloud or different NAS systems?

    Yes. Any source to any destination including NAS-to-NAS, NAS-to-cloud, cloud-to-NAS, and cloud-to-cloud. Any cloud provider, any tier.

  • Can I move data between different NAS filesystems?

    As long as the protocols are the same - NFS-to-NFS, SMB-to-SMB - then sources and targets can be anything. You can also move from NFS-to-S3 or S3-to-NFS.

  • What do I need to deploy?

    A virtual machine with 4 to 8 cores, 16 to 32GB of RAM, and 100GB of disk space. Outbound access to over HTTPS (port 443) and a customer-specific endpoint over HTTPS (also port 443).  One-time administrative access to NetApp, Qumulo, Pure Flashblade, or Isilon simplifies system import through APIs but is optional. All other NAS (Lustre, LInux, Gluster, ZFS, Stornext, GPFS) can be imported and scanned. 

  • How is DataFlow different from the other tools available today?

     DataFlow is built for scale - billions of files and petabytes of data; built for speed - depending on your NAS and your network, more than 95TB per day; built to be easy to operate - set the policy and let us do all the work. Delivered as-a-Service so no need to monitor progress - we’ll do that for you.

  • How do I get DataFlow?

    Contact your Igneous sales representative.

  • Is there a performance impact on my NAS filers when DataFlow is running?

    No. We monitor the latency of file system operations and dynamically throttle down operations if latency starts creeping up. This means that we will maximize the performance of the source NAS without impacting your end users’ performance.  

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