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Deploying DataDiscover

  • What does DataDiscover show me?

    DataDiscover provides a global view across the entire file environment and creates a global dashboard view that shows file age, size and count. It answers the “what do I have”, ”where is it”, and “how old is it” questions. DataDiscover provides an interactive experience to browse and find data project by project allowing you to take surgical action.

  • What can I do with better data visibility?

    Quickly understand what data you have, where it lives and it’s age in the environment. With that information create live views filtered by search terms, user or group ID, path or extension to share that data with end users.

  • How can I enable users with search?

    DataDiscover enables data owners to interact with live views, created by IT Admins.  Find the data they need, increase productivity by spending more time doing their job versus finding their data and take action on that data.

  • How is DataDiscover deployed?

    DataDiscover is deployed as-a-service, meaning a small VM on-premises that talks to the Igneous DataDiscover cloud service where all metadata is processed into the interactive view of your data. There is no infrastructure needed on-premises other than the virtual machine making deploying DataDiscover easy and frictionless.

  • How are you securing my metadata?

    All metadata scanned by the Igneous DataDiscover virtual machine is compressed and encoded into a proprietary binary format. Data in transit is encrypted as it is uploaded to the Igneous cloud instance via HTTP over TLS (HTTPS). This uploaded data is sent to a customer specific endpoint where all metadata is secured and isolated. Each provisioned Igneous cloud instance is single-tenant and customer-specific.

  • What do I need to deploy?

    A virtual machine with 4 to 8 cores, 16 to 32GB of RAM, and 100GB of disk space. Outbound access to over HTTPS (port 443) and a customer specific endpoint over HTTPS (also port 443).  One time administrative access to NetApp, Qumulo, Pure Flashblade, or Isilon simplifies system import through APIs but is optional. All other NAS (Lustre, LInux, Gluster, ZFS, Stornext, GPFS) can be imported and scanned.

  • How is DataDiscover different than other file analytics tools like DataIQ and Komprise?

    The biggest differences between Igneous DataDiscover and any other packaged file analysis or metadata management tool is our simplicity, speed and scale.  Igneous is designed for billions of files, petabytes of data and deep directory structures across all NAS systems. We scan at a rate of 200,000 files/sec (that’s 17 billion files a day/per job) without impacting the performance of your NAS systems.  And to keep things simple, we deploy in a single VMWare VM, have you up and running in minutes, and proactively monitor and update DataDiscover software.  There is no software to update, databases or elastic search clusters to manage, we do all the heavy lifting using our InfiniteIndex technology in the cloud so that you dont have to worry about it.

  • What types of systems can be scanned?

    Isilon NFS/SMB, NetApp C-mode NFS/SMB, NetApp 7-mode NFS/SMB, Pure Flashblade NFS/SMB, Qumulo NFS, any other NAS NFS.

  • Is there a performance impact on my NAS filers when DataDiscover is running?

    Little to none.  We monitor the latency of file system operations and dynamically throttle down scan operations if latency starts creeping up.  You can give it a try on your systems using the DataDiscover Test Drive.

  • How do I get DataDiscover?

    AWS customers can quickly purchase DataDiscover File Analytics as-a-Service through AWS Marketplace. For Azure customers, DataDiscover is available through the Azure Marketplace — or contact Igneous directly and we’ll get you started.

  • What are the requirements for deploying DataDiscover?

    Click here to learn more about the requirements and answers to frequently asked questions about deploying DataDiscover.

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