Igneous Data Workflow Forums 2018

What are the Data Workflow Forums?

The Data Workflow Forums bring domain experts, technology vendors, and organizations together to discuss, review and explore new data workflows that solve existing business problems for unstructured data management at scale.

Why attend a Data Workflow Forum?

You should attend for 3 simple reasons:

  • Learn about the real solutions that organizations in your industry are implementing to achieve their business goals
  • Get the data you need to build a more effective path forward for your workflow
  • Gain a competitive edge by learning about new and innovative solutions

Drinks and small bites will be provided.

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Life Sciences

Life sciences organizations are struggling to manage the unbounded growth of unstructured data while deploying next generation applications such as AI/ML to accelerate research. We'll discuss what steps organizations can take to accelerate their application pipelines.

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EDA and High-Tech Manufacturing

EDA workflows are some of the world’s most demanding as they create billions of files. See how organizations protect, move, and manage billions of files and leverage public cloud. This event will examine how EDA companies can accelerate their workflows and, ultimately, time to market.Explore events

Media, Entertainment, and Gaming

As media companies continue to transform their workflows to meet the demands of their growing data, see examples of how companies and studios build data pipelines to protect, archive, and leverage public cloud at multi-petabyte scale.

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October 18, 2018 | Accelerating Diagnosis Workflows with AI - Cambridge, MA

October 25, 2018 | The Data Science of EDA Acceleration - San Jose, CA

November 1, 2018 | Accelerating Diagnosis Workflows with AI - Cary, NC

More events to come!

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