Supercharged Data Movement with DataFlow

Modern workflows shouldn’t have to wait for data.


Increase Productivity with Automated Workflows

Moving large amounts of data has traditionally required lots of labor, time, and patience. But with Igneous, it’s never been easier to move any amount of data from any NAS system to any other - including the cloud. Move data at network speeds without impacting production workloads.



Move data between NAS shares (SMB or NFS) while maintaining permissions. Build automated workflows that take data from machines, to analysis, to archive.


Cloud File Systems

Move datasets to high-performance, cloud-based file systems like NetApp and Qumulo to enable processing in the cloud for transactional workloads.


Cloud Object

Convert file systems to object systems for application processing in the cloud. Support large datasets and data lakes with a constant feed of information at large volume.


SaaS-Powered Data Management Makes
Getting Started Easy



Configure and apply data movement policies to custom groups of data. Setup is as simple as 2-clicks, just select a source and target to get started.



Igneous IntelliMOVE multithreaded pools move data from source to target at network speed with latency sensitivity to never disrupt applications.



Migrate data from any NFS or SMB source to any NFS/SMB/Object - regardless of vendor or tier. Move data as one event, or in constant incremental updates.


Any NAS. Any Cloud. Any Workflow.

All NFS/SMB NAS-based filesystems are supported including Stornext, GPFS, Lustre, Linux NFS, Gluster, WekaIO, and SoftNAS.

Data-Heavy Teams Use Igneous to: