The True Cost
of Cold Data 

How much could you be saving?


Igneous has examined the range of costs for both primary storage and backup. Then we compared those numbers to the cost of an effective archive solution, and the results were shocking!

Find out how your organization compares and what you can do to reduce your total spend on unstructured data by as much as 50%.

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Learn how your peers are reducing spend on cold data by 50%.


This whitepaper includes:

Cold Data Table

  • A detailed analysis on the real costs of keeping cold data on primary storage
  • The alternatives to keeping data on primary storage
  • Real-life examples of effective archive strategies
Igneous was able to provide intelligent data management that enables us to analyze an immense volume of unstructured pathology data. We rely on Igneous' expertise in unstructured data management to help us succeed with our mission.
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Dr. Brandon Rothrock
Senior AI Scientist, PAIGE

Get the True Cost of Cold Data

Download the whitepaper to learn how your peers reduce spend on cold data by 50%.